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Getting Started with Online Casino

Posted by Anonymous On 1:40 AM 18 comments

Have you ever wondered how a casino is played in online mode? Do online casino games have distinct types? They are just few of the questions that pop into ones mind when engaging in the online casino field. But, can you imagine to whom you are playing to when you are in an online casino field? Those topics are the things we will try to answer from this article.

Online casinos are also known as the virtual casinos or internet casinos which are the online versions of traditional ("brick and mortar") casinos. Online casinos enable gamblers to play and wager on casino games through the use of Internet. Online Casino has its three different types based on its interfaces. Let us discuss those three distinct types of online casino:

The first and foremost type of online casino is the web-based casino, in this type you are to browse into different casino websites and play different casino games without the need of downloading it to your computer. In this case web-based casinos are the most popular since it doesn't give any hassle in playing on it, because it is free.

The second type of online casino is the download-based online casinos. This type of casino needs the player to download the casino software into his computer for him to play and gamble in any time he/she wants. This type of online casino runs much faster than the typical online web-based casino since all animation and sound programs are already located within the software itself. In this sense, one should be aware of the virus that can give by the software, be sure to install also an active anti-virus for the PC for a more convenient playing of casino online.

The last type is the live-based casinos. In the three types this is the most exciting pace because in this type it will allows the gambler to directly interface with the real online casino world as if they are on the live game. It enables the gamblers to interact with other gamblers via real time web chat window in any casino field.

Given this types, the gambler has the chance to choose to what type he will play on, which makes him contented and probably will suit his skills. Online casino games enable the player to play in a long term advantage to the real world of casino.

When online casinos are introduced, the only way in which you can play this is through the download system. But all the downloadable versions of these online casinos can only run through the Windows OS. Thus, the problem arose for those who are using other platforms such as Apple Mac and Linux. Aside from other OS users, there are also those who are very wary when it comes to download since the Internet is overflowing with malicious software and viruses that attacks the computer systems, and these users may not want to download the casino even though it came from a trustworthy site.

And then comes the introduction of the Flash-based online casinos. And what should you expect from these Flash-powered casinos? There are some advantages that players can enjoy from these flash casinos. Let's talk about them one by one.

One of the first and foremost benefit that Flash casino websites offer is bandwidth-saving. If players are using a relatively slow connection such as a dial-up connection, downloading the casino software installer will take a whole lot of time. While playing directly on the Flash casino games saves the effort of downloading, it also saves your time as a player.

Another great benefit that Flash online casinos give is that they allows a player to play on their preferred online casino in any computer. If you have your casino software installed at your house and you are away for some time, you can still play your favorite casino games over your friend's or relative's computers, or even at work (while your boss is not looking). You just have to access the website, log in to your online casino account, and then you can enjoy playing.

Also, as we had discussed above, those who are using other operating systems other than Windows can play and enjoy their favorite casino games using just their browser. You only have to make sure that you had installed the Adobe Flash player plugin in your browser. Setting this plugin up is just a piece of cake.

Many casinos are offering their casino games in Flash versions aside from their downloadable casino software. This is to ensure that they can accommodate the most of their casino players and enthusiasts. This is also to provide a free-version of the casino games, in order for you to practice your skills and luck in playing their online casino games.

And since the Internet is overflowing with too many unwanted programs, malicious software, viruses, spywares, and the like, it is very much important to choose the most trusted and the most reputable online casino software providers and the top casino websites.

How to Win Over Poker Bots?

Posted by Gregory Bogopolski On 5:12 AM 11 comments

Ever since poker games appeared in an online casino, poker bots has been around. Poker bots is a piece of software which is capable of beating human players in any kind of instance even without tilting, without getting tired and without even getting bored.

Although poker bots have the capability to beat average or reasonably good poker players, still there's no any technology exist that can beat best poker players.

Laak and Ali Eslami beat the computer opponent provided for them by the University of Alberta fair and square, the only worrying issue is though, that they too won by the narrowest of margins. As we all know, there are few players in online poker that could ever hope to match either Laak or Eslami, indeed, the technology to beat most human opponents, is a reality already.

In order to achieve what the Alberta crew did with their bot, dishonest players will need exactly what they did, a whole crew working round the clock for a good few weeks programming the machine.